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Bunny Play

We have a nice new routine, Ian and I, when the sun shines in the backyard.  We have the former puppy playpen set up on the overgrown lawn.

Pumpkin gets to hop on the grass.

Ian finds this amazing.  He loves feeding the bunny.  He discovered that Pumpkin adores fresh basil leaves from our herb garden (not too many, of course).  The bunny goes right up to Ian.

Pumpkin is a good bunny.  And a brave bunny.  And a forgiving bunny.  Because Ian tries to be good.  But he is also two.  So occasional pokes or loud noises are part of Ian's fun day.  Still, Pumpkin plays with Ian.  And Ian loves the games.  He laughs and laughs at the jumping bunny.

Even a jumping bunny doesn't hold Ian's attention for long.  He is two, after all.  So he finds a stub of chalk to decorate the bunny's play-space.  The Great Job sticker is from gymnastics this morning.  Ian is finally staying with his class (most of the time).  Hurrah!  Below the words is a little dog with a space helmet (space-theme stickers).  Ian saw it and pronounced, "Whoh, whoh."  Which his how he barks for a dog.  "Whoh, whoh, khu-khu."  Give it a little breath and it is Darth Vader breathing.  Ian has Darth Vader shoes (now called his Cuckoo shoes, which is the quick way to breathe like Darth Vader).  His sticker has a dog breathing like Darth Vader.  I guess everyone in space breathes khoo-khooo :).  And Darth Vader needs a best friend :)

And finally, a dandelion.  I love beautiful weeds :)

Tomorrow Ian and I join Anika's class and the Dragonfly class on a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Should be exciting.  Hope I feel a little better than I felt today . . .  I just want to get over this dratted cold :).  Bedtime for me :)

Pumpkin Farm Adventures

Happy Birthday Daddy!