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A Strange Exchange

We're shopping yesterday when I see a cute baby about Ian's age. "Hoe old is your baby?" I ask his mom (I love how babies dissolve barriers between strangers- it's always okay to make a cute baby comment).

"Seven months."

"Really?  So is our baby.  When's his birthday?"

"August 20."

"No way.  Our baby's birthday is August 20."  We both laugh.  We were at the same hospital at the same time.  We compare crawling progress, laugh about the fun of seven months.

"What's his name?"


That's when we both look at the babies and each other.  "This is getting weird," I said, "Our baby is Ian."

She even thought of naming their little guy Ian.  We both feel a little Twilight Zone about the whole thing.  "Nice meeting you!"

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