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Wizard World Adventures

Wizard World Adventures

Wizard World is returning to Sacramento! We're already planning Anika's cosplay. She has a great idea that may need us to bring our crafty/sewing skills to the outfit. We reminisce about our adventures last year. From singing Karaoke with Kato Kaelin to listening to actors from Buffy share memories of the show to hearing Jon Heder's stories from Napoleon Dynamite, to the evening cosplay show, we found plenty to inspire us. 

Anika was Star Ladybug from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

This was a favorite moment for me! Our friend had a photo with the stars of Buffy. While I waited for them, this epic cosplayer came through the line to pick up his photograph with James Marsters. "Amazing!" I said, asking to share the image with the world. He told me that he has a collection at home, all with the same mask. What an epic quest! 

Wizard World | Lenkaland Photography | Sacramento, California

Anika and her friend entered the Kid's Cosplay Contest. Where all the kids won, of course! One of my favorite moments was when the little stormtrooper clung to his Mama Leia. Melt our hearts! 

From the kid's cosplay (which was adorable), we headed over to lightsaber training for Ian to brush up on his skills. Having Rey and Kylo lead the training was a treat!

Her expression as she practices is perfect! From there, we explored more around the show floor. 

Another highlight of the day was going to see James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, and Emma Caulfield Ford speak about their days on Bufffy and Angel. Sharing stories of life and the undead brought lots of laughter and nostalgia. 

We puzzled about how actors got from the sessions to other parts of the building. Were there secret passages? Did they sprint ahead of the audience?

Imagine our surprise when we saw the Buffy Gang ahead of us on the stairs! 

Wizard World | Lenkaland Photography | Sacramento, California

They get around just like the rest of us :) Of course.

From there, we visited a session with Jon Heder. We got to hear great stories about Napoleon Dynamite and other movies and shows.

Wizard World | Lenkaland Photography | Sacramento, California

From there, we visited the show floor again where Anika had this epic interaction with Deadpool. She was looking at her phone because it felt like she had an eyelash on her cheek, and Deadpool came up behind her. It took a few seconds for her to realize that he was there, which led to a great startle and laughter. 

We wandered the show floor one more time. 

Then we wrapped up the evening at the Cosplay Contest. Where outfits inspired, from the working fidget spinner to the Ronald McDonald Thor. Our favorite was Daenerys with her dragons, which were the sweetest little doggos that needed help up the stairs. 

New dates for Sacramento were just added to the calendar. We are excited for making new memories! 

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Onward to the next adventure!

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